What are some ideas for saving money?

I’ve created a budget, didn’t work. I put money on a prepaid card, I spend it. I put money in the bank, it lasts one week(I get paid every two weeks). I tried the piggy bank thing, but that didn’t go very well either(lasted a month). How can I save money, please help. It’s my achilles heel so to speak. I tried looking at 401(k) but my employer does not offer them. There has to be something out there that will enable me to put money away and not withdraw it for a year unless I pay a penalty of some sort, but I don’t know where to begin. It has to be something I can start on my own, because my employer is cheap and will offer anything for us to enroll in. I do have bad credit, so I can’t really get credit cards or anthing and that wouldn’t help anyways. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Opening up another bank account is out of the question because I already have 3 of those.

*Please note* Any rude or mean comments will be reported and then ignored. I do not need a lecture, I need creative ways/ideas or even conventional ideas that I may have not tried that might work. Please be nice and respectful, I’m not asking you to run a marathon(for those of you who constantly post negative comments) I am just looking for some ideas.

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