What are our chances of a loan modification home successfully?

We apply the amendment process home loan for the third time. We still foreclouser, but we were told to ask again. For the first time will make us a trial period of three months and our payment was $ 635.35. After that, Chase and WaMu, they brought all the documents sent back to us. We were put on probation, and paid another $ 600 per month. After finishing, we received a letter saying we were denied because they said we do not make payments during the experimental period, we did. We call them and they told me to apply again. We sent all the documents and I received a call saying it was conducted. We put our house for 90k with 02 interest rate of 7.125%. Our house payments are $ 1,005 per month. My husband’s company closed and he was unemployed for nearly a year. He did not find a job, but at a lower salary. Our total income before tax is $ 2,308 monthy and all our bills including the mortgage payment does not add to the 1667th $ we have a chance in hell to get a loan modification? If we do, nobody knows what would our paymetns months? I read that the Chase is the most difficult to obtain. Is there something we can do to increase our chances? In fact, I’m always ready, they might not approve, I’m looking elsewhere liikuda.Kas anyone know what the minimum amount is still one?

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