What are my options with a recently purchased vehicle I am having buyer’s remorse with?

In late December, I purchased a 2007 Chevy Tahoe with 38K miles from a reputable dealer that was referred to me. I have been wanting a Tahoe for several years and the dealer gave me a fairly good price @ $ 21,900. However, I owed about 2500 on my trade so it was tacked to the end of my vehicle. Well, I’ve taken good care of the vehicle in the few months I’ve had it, but have begun noticing several things wrong. I didn’t wash the vehicle for about a month a half after purchasing it because I kept garaged at home and at work, but kept it wiped down. After our first trip outta town, I took it to have it detailed and noticed I had a lot of bug damage on the front bumber. Somehow the dealer managed to cover this so I wouldn’t notice, and when I had it detailed it was obvious that this damage had been there awhile. I complained to the dealer who told me he would make an appt with the body shop and have them fix the damage. I call and he’s always busy, or has to check back with the body shop, or whatever, but never returns my calls. I know this is an expensive repair and he is avoiding me now. Today I had the vehicle detailed again and after I get it home, I notice there’s damage to the back bumber towards the bottom. It looks there was some touch up paint applied sloppily, but there are definite cracks towards the bottom of the bumber where something hit it. On top of all this the brakes squeal loudly whenever I go in reverse and the rear makes an uneasy noise going over speed bumps. I purchased the extended 3 yr warranty, so I immediately take it to the dealer. They keep it all day, and then tell me they couldn’t find anything wrong and didn’t hear any of the noises I was referring to?? I hear the brakes EVERY morning as I pull out of my garage. So my question is….What can I do now? I have good credit and even told the dealer that I would be open to trading it back in if they could put me in another Tahoe for around the same note. Even though they had several ’09 models listed with 0% interest, when we did the paperwork, they wanted to give me a 6.5% interest and boost my notes up by $ 200 a month! My issue is I’ve only had this thing a few months and 6 years to pay for it. I don’t wanna have a vehicle with issues right out the door. Is it possible for me to trade it back in for another with close to the same note? Or how can I get the dealer to deal with these issues? Or should I just go to another dealer looking to trade? Any info would be great!
I am NOT paying way too much. When I took back to look at trading it back in, they were going to give me 23,500 for it. I paid 21,900! Blue book it!! And I don’t expect perfect vehicle, I’ve always driven used vehicles, but I don’t expect to that many issues before my first payment. And yes, I just made my first payment. And I haven’t waited 3 months to bring these issues to them. I’ve been back and forth with them since the first week. I know that they’re not going to fix the cosmetic issues, so I was trying to find out if I should pursue trading it back in??

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