What are my next steps to change my mortgage? ?

I could get a temporary reduction in my mortgage payments at home, because my expenses are higher than my income. It was in April. “I pay with my savings for two mortgages. (Two houses). My bank said that the time to do for me and for a permanent solution. I am not able to refinance because the equity is not enough. I will not be able to house to sell by then, as I have very poor tenants, which is currently at the top have been transferred. If I want to sell now, I’ll be able to a loss of over $ 50K, I was ready to pay back on the bench, except that investors would not even be asked to do it well. What are my next steps regarding the renegotiation of my monthly payments? What lasting solution can be obtained? I am not or never been behind my back payments. If my payment is so low that now I can at least keep the house a little longer. . I do not know where to go from here. And also what are some ways I invest and / or to save money so you do not use every hundred I have an excuse that I can pay. We have nothing to 10K for each of our girls in deposits and about 20K in a regular checking / Einsparungen.Ich get rid of him, of course, not one way or another. The sale is not an option now. Person is a tenant who does not pay rent, so they buy to end forever.

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