What are my mortgage options; im delinquent?

Once again, how does anything help the little guy? I am in the Hospital field w a very good job. I havent had a full paycheck w/o supplementing it with vacation days in over a year. I want to stay in my condo but its worth 50% of what I paid. I contacted my bank months ago and they said you are not delinquent; we cant help. So after a year of exhausting my savings, I cant afford to pay the mortgage and other bills. I fall behind. The bank told me that you are late and dont make enough money to pay your mortgage, so we cant help!! Good old midland mortgage. Can someone tell me again where the stimulus money went? I thought to help the middle class. How Hilarious. So, this account specialist sends me to someone who can explain my options. He states “Why would you want to stay in that place, Its only worth 50%! You should do a short sale and see if some other lender will give you a mortgage for what it appraises at and not what you are paying now. Why cant my bank just redo my loan to what is appraises at? Where is the help? What can I do?
thanks for the negative comments…. but im already depressed so could you just give me the facts.

Yes, I have a good job, but havent had a full paycheck in a year because of the economy; people holding back elective surgery and 4 more hospitals opened up. I have taken a 15k pay cut because of the economy… so who thinks i should have forecasted the fact that banks were over inflating and corrupt politician and corrupt appraisers that were over inflating the price of homes. AS WELL AS THE BANKS. FOR the boneheads that dont understand; I do Understand that I owe the bank money; but wouldnt it be easier and SMARTER for everyone involved if instead of me walking away and the bank not getting their money, that they work with me in modifying the loan or at least work with a payment I can afford? Dont you think that would not only help me, and the bank but ALSO THE BIGGER PICTURE, the economy as a whole.

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