What are my legal options to leave the co-signing a mortgage?

I signed the mortgage and home equity loan over 5 years, my sister (and husband) has entered into an oral agreement that his act in order and they can refinance to get my name off the mortgage and the loan within a year or two. Well it’s been over 5 years and not only do nothing to get my name off your debts, but they completely ruined his credit as well as mine. I have an act, but the interest rate by only about 1%. I asked him to arrange for the last 2 years, until his contract ended in vain. I am recently married and bought my own house – but could not put his name in our house because I am, which is the second debt. My husband comes with all of our debt in their name, even if I am, who my sister. I’m pretty much screwed, if it can be supported. I am currently seeking legal advice, and most likely take him to court, but it’ll cost me a lot of money. Does anyone have knowledge of how this situation, I think there must be a way to force him to sell the house to repay the mortgage and home equity loan -? And satisfy the loan, which is under my name?

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