What are my chances of getting into a PhD Clinical psych program?

I am applying to several schools in the NYC area for a PhD in Clinical Psych for the Fall of 2010. I’m currently finishing a Masters in Forensic Mental Health Counseling at a CUNY college (one more year) in NYC with a GPA of 3.4, though I’m close to bringing it to a 3.5. It will be a total of 60 credits. My quantitative GRE scores were 630, as were the verbal. The analytical score was 690. I’ll be taking the subject GRE and hope to get at least a 700 on it. Unfortunately, I won’t have research under my belt until after I send in the apps, as I’ll be doing that in the spring with an internship. I’m hoping that if I have good recommendations and a strong statement of purpose, that will up my chances. Do my numbers seem hopeless? Thank you, and any suggestions are more than welcome.

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