What are my chances of getting a home loan with bad credit?

I mean BAD. We have 1 discharged ch.7( from 9yrs ago). we filed ch.13 about 3yrs ago to try to keep our house. We still lost it. And my husband lost his job so the repayment plan we were on stopped( he had $ taken out of his check), so they cancelled the bankruptcy. It has been financial hell for us for many years! Our house just got sent to auction last Aug! That was a three year gap! It shouldn’t have taken that long for the mortgage company to put us into foreclosure after they found out we were not including it in the bankruptcy. We live in a duplex and are having issues with our upstairs neighbor( she’s a ridiculously quiet hermit) and our landlord can be an jerk. He lives out of town and litterally told us he doesn’t like to be bothered with problems & would like for us to fix them ourselves. HELP! Need advice.

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