What are my chances for mortgage pre-approval?

I started out with a terrible credit score, but in the past month I have paid all my debts off with the exceptions of my school loans which are deferred because I am pursuing another degree. I have put out nearly $ 3000 to pay off all the medical bills and an old credit card that was listed on my report. There are quite a few “charge off’s” listed on the report and a couple of entries for companies that no longer exist to determine what the balance was for……GRRR (I don’t know what they are) I am currently in good standings with my car payment.

I really want to apply for a pre-approval for a mortgage, but I am unsure if paying all of this debt off will have affected my scores any. I would like to apply for that mortgage in February or March, so I am applying for a secured credit card that is willing to report to a credit agency that I stay in good standings. I really do not wish to renew my lease at my current apartment come May and I am hoping to find a mortgage for a house in the low 90’s, but I really fear not being pre-approved and getting stuck having to sign again for another year in an unsafe neighborhood.

Can anyone help me with this dilemma. This is trying and stressful to say the least. Thanks for not sending rude answers or things that make no sense. I appreciate all of you out there that answer with the intentions of really helping someone in need. Thank you all!

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