What are my chances for a home loan with my credit scores?

My husband and I are considering selling our house and looking for a new one within the next year. We need more room. My credit scores are 647, 619, and 630. My husband’s scores are very close to mine, but a few points lower. They are above 600 though. What are the chances of us finding a decent home loan with a good rate? I don’t know if it matters, but we live in a small town in Illinois and our income is about $ 38,000. We have very little debt and only a few medical bills in collection, which we will have paid off in about 6 months. We have been on time with all other bills for the past 2 years.
I forgot to add that we still owe about $ 56,000 on our current home and have a vehicle loan that will be paid off in a year. We pay $ 280 a month for the vehicle loan.
Our medical bills are under $ 1500.
One more thing to add. We are saving up for a down payment. So far we only have a couple thousand, but that’s only because we had to make repairs to our current home, so it will be ready when we want to put it on the market. Also, the homes we are interested in sell for an average of $ 150,000.

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