What are four good examples of buildings that would help in choosing a deisgn for a museum?

You are a member of and advisory board who answers to a public figure; someone who is in control of, and makes decisions concerning the architectural development of the city where you reside. It has been established that there is a need for a new museum to house the historic art and artifacts of the city and surrounding region. You have been given the responsibility to begin the search for the appropriate architect as well as inform the said public figure of the reasons why a particular architect/architecture is suitable for the charge of the museum. Your research begins with understanding historical models for museums and similar institutions.

In your paper you must select four examples that programmatically fit your idea of “museum” and explain why you have chosen these buildings (note that the chosen buildings do not necessarily need to be museums). You must then present your findings to the board for review. It is your responsibility to explain why these models are good precedents, and then you must explain why, even though these where suitable at the time, they may not be suitable now. Also, you must reference four contemporary museums that you feel are appropriate in order to foster a connective historical understanding of your choices to your audience: the board.

Essentially, you will be selecting buildings that can perform as a museum “type.” You will explain the positive, and potentially negative, attributes of the building as an historic model. The selection of the contemporary – modern – buildings is to reinforce both positive and negative elements. Remember, in the end, you are not selecting a “building.” You are educating a group of people in order for them to make the appropriate decisions on hiring an architect. You will not suggest an architect.

The ideas in your paper are general. You should use thoughts discussed in the lectures as well as your individual research. Remember that notions of program, formal design, materials, structure and contemporary ideas are all constituents that should be used in your paper.

Any suggestions?

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