What advice can be given to my wonderful neighbors who are caught between a rock and a hard place?

Here’s a brief synopsis of their situation. He (car salesman) she government worker. It was his house before they married and they’ve been married a little over 9 months. He fell behind in the mortgage (he’s also raising his two daughters by himself ages 8 and 12) with little help from the mother. He received a loan modification letter from his mortgage company but one of our neighbors had it and didn’t give it to him for about a couple of weeks after it was delivered. He has since then married. He contacted the mortgage company to tell them what had happened but they refused to listen and has brought back the house he is living in. Right now he his wife and children are still in the house. What other options besides moving out that can help this wonderful family. I myself am in no position to take them in because I have a family of my own. Serious replies only. Thanks in advance.

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