What about Sara Palin and National Organization for Women?

Now let me see. . . . one of the main goals for NOW is to show that women CAN be a mother, wife, and a CEO and do all three VERY well AT THE SAME TIME.

So. . . what is the fuss all about? Is it because she likes to go out and hunt moose, skin ’em and bring the meat home? Or, is it because she is not “sophisticated” and does not spout the Hollywood line?

Now, I’m not trying to be sarcastic here, and if it seems so, I do not mean it that way at all.

I think that being a governor of a State is being pretty successful; however, truth be told, being a governor does not mean that a person will necessary be a great VP or potential president.

Mr. Jimmy Carter gives me the opinion of being a very nice person, and would no doubt make an excellent friend and neighbor. However, during his administration, mortgage loan interest rates soared to above 18%; he gave away the Panama Canal, and pardoned the VietNam draft dodgers.

I gave 4 long years of my life in the service of this country. I was drafted in my senior year at the University of ********* in 1968, and was honorably discharged as a Staff Sargent 4 years later. The draft dodger pardon (in my opinion) was a slap in the face of all veterans.

However, his experience as a govenor did not preclude him being the Democratic presidential nominee.

So. . . what’s all the fuss about?

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