Went to buy a house poor Debt to earning ratio, ren to won mabey?

Hey guys i need some advice, i applied for a home mortgage for my first house. but they told me i have too much debt to earning ratio. the only debt i really have is my car and student loans. my credit cards are all paid off, and my credit score is 700+

Downfall, I live in Connecticut so the property values are quite high, im looking for a loan around the 180k range

so i was going to try again buy with my girl friend, but unfortunately her credit isn’t good at all. We are working on it but its not there yet.

So here are my questions, we have a 1 bdroom apt now, but we are out growing it fast.

Is there any other types of mortgage that help for college students like me?

should I just look at bigger apartments for now til we can qualify?
I just hate paying someone elses mortgage each month and cant claim it on my taxes

How about the rent to own option.

Please I would love some advice guys

im in a rock and a hard place right now

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