Wells Fargo wants to provide bank statements for a loan modification, shopping on the statement?

They said they wanted to see how I pay the mortgage and the only thing I have on my bank statements showing automatic mahaarvaminePüüame make lasting changes to have a financial transaction is concerned raskusi.Im shows, shopping, and exit to eat and everything else, for that matter? I have no problem with shopping, but I live in MN, I am sorry if I need to buy winter clothes and we pay a reduced mortgage tekid.Ja, we do not have the money management problem, we paid our debt, so if we can afford to dine at Perkins, I’m sorry! FreekyGeeky thank you. schedule of six months because we were in a qualified financial difficulties, co-owner since he lost his job. Now we’re back on our feet. Therefore we will not do things differently now, and until we do not läbi.Ma do not want the bank to worry about our selling expenses, if we r trying to get a mod.Ma permanent loan I understand what you are saying, but my name, I do not buy this house, my husband did with his brother. His brother is the one who lost his job and could not pay him more. SO I approached, and now my husband and I are trying to save a house together. So we do not have difficulty paying. So I do not why we can not get out?

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