Wells Fargo – the hyena’s of the banking game?

Heard of Bait and Switch? Here’s an example. Joe at Wells Fargo Financial calls and says – “Come in to our office, we can refinance your auto loan, give you $ 750 cash back and lower your payments!” Of course we went in to check out what they could do. We get there and the guy is ALL about our MORTGAGE, which we have with a different bank. After explaining that we are NOT interested in home equity loans or refinancing the mortgage through Wells Fargo, suddenly he CAN’T do anything for us on the auto loan. He actually started arguing with us about how it doesn’t make any sense to him that we wouldn’t take him up on his fabulous offer!! WHOA NELLY! What the hell just happened here? You don’t get your grubby f-ing hands on my house, and the deal is off? Well, all I can say is, that guy is damn lucky my 8 yr old daughter was sitting there with my husband and I because if not, I think he may have found his little calculator crammed down his goddamn throat. Better Business Bureau, here I come

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