Wells Fargo – illegal practice or not?

My husband and I decided to try to refinance our home … (We’re up 6% – but I wanted to take advantage of the provision of 4.3%). We were actually contacted by Wells Fargo (since we are in a different mortgage insurers). After the first meeting we were told our debt / asset / credit) was slightly higher than they wanted. We said we needed to refinance our first choice (orig. $ 25,000 to $ 15,000 cash). When we refinanced with Wells Fargo, the interest would be greater than what we had (10% with credit union-15% WF), but we were able to mortgage loans of 4.3% to qualifizieren . Vor sending documents to refinance the house, we kept asking if we needed our rate “lock”. We were told “no” even after we specifically asked about it. (Because the date and the current price, your good credit, we expitide your documents, no need to blah blah blah …). The contents of the first good faith, we reported was 6.3%. (We at 6%. Why should we go higher?) We refused. They assured us that their insurers were inexperienced and had just signed a contract with another company signed, we’ll try again. The second quote was in good faith for 10% off In the meantime, they said we qualified for a small line of credit in addition to refinancing …. We need $ 3,000 for repairs barn, we signed a lot of understanding, it was a separate loan. We then know that they refiance transferred to the clearance, so that the collection is worth $ 15,000, we need $ 18,000. No bank refinance because we are now down on her, we’ve completely watered, cheated, lied ….. several people said this is illegal … but how can you prove it, and tell you to report or questions?
It’s a bit complicated, so try to be patient with mir.Ich to buy a house. Upon receipt of a letter of pre-qualified by a bank, I applied for a mortgage. I was recently denied for the loan (low income), but was told my loan officer at the bank I received another loan werden.Ich FHA approved a call from her today that I thought I further said I was approved for the loan. She mentioned the word “enterprise” and said that I would have to sign the paperwork because it was an FHA loan. She said, congratulations, I said, relieved, I war.Aber few hours later, my credit went to the bank processor me a message that the change of auditor on certain documents, because it requires a loan FHA, then it will again be sent to the subscription for the examination. “Am I ready or not? After receiving this news, I immediately thought that maybe I just misunderstood my loan lady, and she was really telling me that I look back on the FHA loan wurde.Ich is not passed before I had pre-approved again, I was already in the first place! Now I’m really confused and have no idea what to think. It is Memorial Day weekend, two of them are already verlassen.Was Tuesday, you think? Thank you, thank you for great information so far. I am aware that my “pre-qualified” letter I received in March, when I go this process is not a loan commitment begann.Auch the bank already had all my information (I am a conventional mortgage only a week ago, played with them). Thank you yet.

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