We live in Texas and my mother in law died without a will. My husband has 6 siblings. Two of them have?

signed over there share of the property to him ( my mother in law expressed that the house should go to him- he had been helping pay off the mortgage) The rest of his siblings want to be paid for their share of the property. Can we get a loan on the property in order to pay the rest of the siblings with only the two signatures? From what I understand in Tx if you die without a will all property goes to all your heirs equally. The house is paid off but is in need of repairs. We would like to sell the property but his siblings do not want to pitch in for the repairs and are not in a position to pay off the taxes that are owed on the house. We already own our home and don’t want to get a home equity loan on ours to fix up his mom’s house. Please help.

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