We got our loan approval and modification of double payment … could this be right? Please help?

I post for the third time since I’ve no answers. Apparently, nobody knows what they have here tun.Wir fighting with our mortgage company for almost three years to a misunderstanding that just before the holidays in 2007, short story in March 2009, we presented evidence in court sufficient that the discrepancies Mortgage Company (Wells Fargo) events. The judge ruled in our favor and said that Mr. Wells had to work with us and the house was taken by foreclosure. They agreed to a forbearance and then work Änderung.Jetzt a loan in the time we receive calls from other loan companies that can mod a mod loan of $ 2,000 to $ 527 per month. We chose our mortgage company the benefit of the doubt that they would be fair with our payment. We feared that these companies could scams werden.Wir our forbearance paid as agreed and sent the necessary documents ready for our mod. After the worksheet in the budget that we had with Wells, we had about $ 700-800 dollars for a mortgage payment. Our first installment of $ 875.Die approval for the loan modification came on Friday evening. To my shock our monthly payment is $ 1,533 a month, it raised our share of 6.45% to 9.87% and shortened the duration of the loan payable in 13 years. can say we were 25 years links.Unnötig on our original mortgage, it is not our way to make that payment. I thought the idea was to contribute to the crisis and not hinder others. I’m right point now where I just want to give up all zusammen.Auch when all this was f ** k up Wells Fargo, we are still screwed forever. Our lawyer is at a loss what to do. Since most mortgage banks do not want to be upside down on a loan. But since all this started, it seems they do everything possible to get around. He said we must really have pissed himself go so far for them to get around. Because he has never seen anything like it. The judge said the gleiche.Wir the little people are engaged in a great company conglamurate. I ask startign if our house is located on an oil well which is why they do everyhting we raus.Gibt Are there any suggestions that we could do to save our home and still find credit?

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