We are trying to work with BOA to get a DEED IN LEIU,today the lady from the bank tells me they done a Title S?

spoke with the lady from boa today and she said they did a Title Search and the title came back with a problem,since the LOAN is not in my name she could not tell me much,just that with he first bought the land ,i understood her to say that the other people is still on the Title to land(hubby got a loan to build house) and the title says that hubby bought the land(the owners he bought the land from is still on the title.So to make a long story short,we have a 210 thousand dollar home with 21 acres of land that we are behind on and trying to get BOA to do a DEED IN LIEU,The actural title only states that my husband bought the LAND(no house built yet) from other owners that he bought it from. Should we see a lawyer? Ive read that BOA has to pervide the title with a CLEAR TITLE.So there is NO title to this property with my (im not on the note)or my husbands name on it.so now what?

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