we are prospective tenants and property manager / landlord wants to charge screening fees?

we are located in tacoma/wa and we are looking for an apartment or house to rent and property manager or landloard/owner wants 39us$ for screening fees…is it legal ? particulary when they say its not refundable.

can we have our own screening reports for cheaper than that to save money instead giving money our confidential information to them?

Which is the best way to get our own screening report?
what this screening report should include?
1.background check
2.credit check
3.previous rental/eviction history
4.SSN check?
anything else is required?
how much should it cost?
which is best offline or online place to get this report so we can submit to landlord or manager?
The property manager I talked today she said she would take as many applications she could take and than the owner will decide…so if she has 10 applications she can get us390$ and than the owner will choose only one application…does not it sound unethical?
what is so special about it?

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