Ways to increase credit score by 3 points?

My fiance and I are trying to buy a home. The loan representative from the bank said that if his credit score went up 3 more points (to the 620 minimum) she could offer us $ 150,000. We have heard different opinions on how to increase his score quickly. Paying off his outstanding debt (from 6 years ago) would cost only a little over $ 500 but he will have no revolving accounts on his report. Someone else said to open a department store or jewelry credit card, but I do not want him to get declined and worsen his credit. We would like to try to get in the housing market within the next 6 months. Any experts in the field with advice would be appreciated.

And please, if you are going to judge and/or insult, don’t waste your time or mine and go to another question please.

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