Ways to boost my credit score?

I’ll give a little background:
Me and my boyfriend are interested in buying a house soon. So I just checked my credit score to see what I can expect. Boom, 647.

I have a lot of lines of credit, and my credit to debt ratio is about 40/60. Most of this though is student loans. I have one bad mark on my credit and it’s from my old apartment complex (roommate issues that were never resolved) and it looks like it was posted on there about 3-4 months ago.

Besides the student loans, I have my car loan, 2 major credit cards, and a couple of store cards.
Every thing has a balance except the store cards. I just keep them open, just in case.

Now what steps should I take to quickly boost my score? Would closing the store cards help? Should I focus on paying off my visas or car loan first? Should I start opening my student loans (they are deferred) and start paying them back now?

I know I could have probably found this information online, so don’t be mean please. I have found some of my most informative and concise answers through Yahoo over reams of articles that don’t necessarily apply.

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