Washington is trying to deport my mother’s property it owns. Can they do it?

In July 2000, my mother and grandmother, the city bought the house for $ 93,000. For my mother, the quality of bank loan officer has recommended that my mother and my grandmother SSI income, which he did, finally ready and qualified. The next 6 years, my mother gets a mortgage payment and early January 2006, my grandmother lost her fight against ovarian cancer and suri.Kaheksa months later, after the death of my grandmother My mother and I received a letter from the Department of Washington State Social Services and Health, noting potential interest in our properties to meet the health care, which fell from my grandmother over the years, the amount of $ 195,478.48. My mother decided to hire a lawyer, who has promised to solve this problem, and she paid him $ 2,000.00 dollars, but end up demanding more money and he paid of $ 2000.00 dollars more he abandoned the case and asked for more raha.Eelmisel week we got a letter from the State of Washington (DSHS), arguing that if the amount is not paid in full 28/02/2009 they can force the sale of property and / or closing. Because of my mother and grandmother both the title and mortgage, my mother has always been listed in the main owner of vara.Ma do not know how else to help my mother. It was essentially stolen the Russian lawyer. And the reason he went to Russia was a lawyer, because he does not speak fluent English and has been licensed to practice law in Washington osariigis.Pärast 8 years, the property is not worth the balance between DSHS. What initiatives can bring the dispute DSHS my mother? My mother is ready to abandon the property and make it go to foreclosure. Any advice would be really appreciated.

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