Want to divorce, horrible credit due to mortgage default, will I get rejected for an apartment?

I want to leave my husband and file for divorce. Because of his new found gambling/drinking addiction, we have defaulted on our mortgage (we’re 4-5 months behind in payments). I’m still trying to do a loan re-modification in hopes of getting everything back to normal for now, but as of now, my credit score is crappy because of the mortgage payments being so late. That’s the ONLY thing on my credit (good or bad).

Since I only make about $ 15,000 *take home* per year of “my” money, I will get another job so I can make at least $ 25,000/year by myself.

Will it be a problem getting an apartment on my own with my bad credit score? If so, what can I do to get an apartment? I dont want to live in a dump of a place either. I want something nice (and will work my butt off to get it!!) Just tell me how to achieve that goal. 🙂

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