Want to buy a house.. please help!?


I am 25 years old and recently moved to a new state. I was recently hired in a temp-to-perm position.. the “temp” period is scheduled to be 3 months, but the company has pretty much told me that after a month or so I’ll be hired on as perm (there’s some payment/benefits deal they have w/ the staffing company, so I have to start temp, but don’t necc have to be temp all 3 months)…. okay, so here’s the rest of my details:

~Employment History: I graduated in 2005, and since then I have always had a full-time corporate job (except for the past 2 months since I left my job and moved out of state).

~Salary: I currently accepted this position and make the high $ 40Ks. In 3 months (once I’m perm) I’ll be making mid $ 50Ks.

~Credit: Current score is 740.

~Downpayment: I have about $ 10K in savings – but could get a total downpayment of about $ 25K with family “gifts”, etc.

~Location: I live in Atlanta and prefer to live in NW Atlanta (Cobb Cloverleaf area, Vinings, Perimeter, etc..) *I know these are more expensive areas*

There are SOO many good deals right now and I really want to take advantage of it. I would love to buy the home by Dec 1, so I can qualify for the tax credit! Do you think the “temp to perm” thing will be an issue? Will I still get a good interest rate b/c of my credit?


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