WAMU/CHASE homeowner mortgage assistance?

Is there anyone out there currently working with Chase to assist homeowners with mortgage payments.. I have looked at the on-line form on the WaMU site, to give info to Chase to see if I qualify. I have 2 immediate questions. These options are offered to borrowers who live in the property . I leased my house 2 months ago and moved I to a less expensive property , I continued to fall behind on payments and this seemed to be my only option, not wanting to lose my home. I have about $ 85,000 equity currently. I don’t make a profit, I collect rent for the same amount as my loan. I still need help, instead of walking away from my loan I thought leasing was the responsible thing to do. My tenants signed a 1 yr. lease and I can’t and won’t ask them to vacate so that I can qualify for loan modification..Is Chase making exceptions or being flexible on the rules Why is it important to them that you reside there. …….

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