Wachovia TOPS Countrywide for screwing over customers. Sue them ?

Wachovia bought world savings who I refi’d with …
The terms of my loan were different than what I was promised.
When i figured this out it was too late to fight WS because Wachovia had taken them over. Wachovia has used many tactics to not discuss my mortgage being modified…. They told me Im listed as a man on my loan document. IM a chick with a girly name and girly voice.
I faxed in my DL three times and they claimed never to have received it.
I was put into a neg amt plan that I NEVER ever wouldve signed up for.
Instead of modifying my loan wachovia screwed around and added more interest and penalties…
I decided to just sell my house and pay them off.
My house has been for sale for 6 months. Finally Im facing foreclosure. I told wachovia that I had an offer on my house but needed to know my payoff. They said they had to mail it to me and would take 7 biz days…
The offer on my place fell thru because I DIdTN know MY PAYOFF amt and couldnt make a counter offer for fear Id be losing too much when i sell.
Now once again I have a great offer and wachovia is pulling same crap.
How do I figure out my payoff amount ? They have filed foreclosure against me even though I told them repteadly i just wanted to sell my house and pay them off!!!
Now I have to wokr in their insane legal fees….

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