Value of the mortgage online?

I am a mortgage calculator online to give me an estimate of how much can I expect to seek a mortgage. I would like to input my income (which I None at the moment, however, know how much I want when I graduate in 6 months), my credit card payments, and any other expenses to know how much a bank give me AVRAG.
I entered the following in a balloon mortgage calculator online: the amortization period of the loan amount $ 100,000.00 6.000% interest rate maturity of 10 years 30 years my question is: After 119 monthly installments of $ 599.55 why do the upfront payment to $ 84,285.33? If all due to a repayment plan of 30 years should not be the amount due, the 241 other payments of $ 599.55 ($ 144,491.55) multiplied? Otherwise, where she just $ 84,285.33?

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