VA LOANS – If my husband is deploying soon will that ADDED income help us get the loan???

My husband has a high 500 score (bad I know), but his debt is really low (Less than 1,000) but he just now paid off a credit card that he DIDNT pay for 5 months. His income ALSO has been low for the past few years, but he is deploying soon and will be making more than enough money to afford a house. Will the mortgage people take let us have a VA loan (he is eligible, served 1 and 1/2 yrs in Iraq) even though he HASNT made much money, but it is PROVEN he will make enough money to pay for the house? We’re in a crunch to buy a house, because we live in a one bedroom apt. with 2 dogs, and the rent houses in this town are twice as much as buying, and in bad neighborhoods. PLUSSSSSS I’m pregnant, and I want to feel safe there by myself and baby while he is gone. DONT give me a website to FIND the answer, just let me know if they will give us a loan based on his FUTURE pay. THANKS!!!!!!

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