Va loan with a 622 credit score? Credit repair?

I just checked my husbands credit and his score is a 622
he’s active duty, been in since 2003
anyone know of a lender who would approve use, we are looking to spend around 100k in jacksonville, fl

to explain a lil further his credit tanked when the navy screwed up our moving allowance on a dity move. we first went through all of our savings then had to stop paying bills on time just to stay afloat until the navy got us the money. By the time we received it most of our accounts were in collections, our car got repoed and everything pretty much went to hell

heres a rundown of the neg. accounts on his file

cingular $ 304
cingular $ 59
both of these accounts belong to a guy we transfered the service on our phone to. I’m currently disputing them. still have a copy of the transfer of service agreement

honda $ 13,000 charge off from the repo

bank of america paid in settlement

cap 1 paid/closed/was past due 30 days dec 2003

cap one $ 795 charge off

at&t $ 75 never had AT&T currently disputing

cox cable $ 149 for a cable box they say we didnt return (we did but have no proof)

cox cable $ 275 unpaid last bill b4 we moved

best buy paid in settlement
best buy -same account coming up twice, except this one says it was charged off – im disputing

marks and morgan open/current/no balance in the last 2 yrs/was 30 past due

NFCU $ 85 they claim we still owe this on a car we traded in 4 years ago, the dealer gave them the payoff that was quoted the title was handed over. now they started calling me saying i still owe $ 85

so there’s my sad story ….any advice

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