VA loan rather than a standard mortgage?

My husband, who has just served three years in Iraq was proposed VA loan. You do not have much information about this service, we do not know if this is entirely correct, or what the circumstances. We are currently renting and are interested in purchasing the property. Before doing so, Can anyone give me details of VA loans and the difference between them and conventional mortgages? Thank you in advance!
We buy a townhouse for the first time in Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Co-borrower and any other household member is a military veteran. We’re paying $ 1225/month rent and want to reduce monthly mortgage payments. Which program is best for us? What should I know? What should I look? I met a lady today in the mortgage and it really confused me. — Please help with any questions along the way is useful, I think I’m not sure what information you are looking for … Write me if you want! THANKS!

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