VA loan, good income, not so good credit?

My husband and I are looking at purchasing a home and using his VA loan benefit. I am not sure if we will qualify, though. He is a medical officer so he easily makes the salary requirements to pay the mortgage (we are looking at a house well within means), but he has over 200k in medical school student loan debt. The debt is current, he has a few other dings on his credit report from small collections items (like less than $ 100) from where he moved around and he wasn’t as diligent as he should have been about following up on any outstanding bills. He has the ability to pay his bills and a mortgage (we pay that much in rent now), but I am wondering what his chances of being approved are, and how painful this process is going to be. I am a full-time graduate student, so I don’t have any income or credit to help the situation.

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