VA Loan: Chipped paint stopping closing – how to fix?

Trying to help out a friend 🙂

A VA backed mortgage had a VA appraiser come out and give a pass, with ‘subject to conditions’ – there were a few areas of chipped paint that needed to be addressed.

The one on the inside is a quick sandpaper, prime, paint fix.

The ones on the outside (wood clapboard, paint over) is not that easy as the chips are small, and on a very long piece of clapboard (14′ long).

Does the VA have “fixed” rules = ie: what is stopping us from just painting over the chip? Yes, it will be visible – must it be fixed with sanding, prime, wait, paint, wait, second coat? The weather in New England is prohibitive for that kind of fix as closing is in 2 weeks (and it rains 5 out of 7 days of the week).

I’d appreciate responses from those who are familiar with VA guidelines. Thank you!!!
Yes, I’m aware that until it is fixed – there wont be a loan.

The question is, HOW to fix the chipped paint – and most importantly, would just spot painting the missing areas be sufficient?

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