USDA mortgage application?

I am a USDA rural development process a loan application, which takes a long time. I’m doing all the mail. I finished the sheet of pre-qualification at the end of April for two weeks and I find that I am fully capable of fulfilling all mortgages. Ago quarter I submitted a complete application and 22 I received a message that my application was selected for treatment. I had to submit additional paperwork, but have not heard since. How long does it usually take time to review the USDA mortgage? I look forward and I really want to start looking at home (I know I can do), but do not want to find a house, fall in love, and then there is nothing to come with the mortgage lending process. I missed a couple of houses I would have probably gone and the mortgage application vaatas.Kui is approved, it will be when I get pre-approval letter? This is all new to me, so I apologize if I seem lost. Any help is greatly appreciated. Incidentally, I am in the State of NY:) I am a letter today! Here we go. I am soooo happy, now I can start looking. Thank you to everyone who helped:)

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