1.) Which of the nations having colonies in the New world allowed their colonists input (albeit limited) in government proceedings?
France and England
Spain and France
Only France
Only England

2.) Which statement is NOT true regarding religious tolerance in the new colonies?
Their name “Puritans” derived from their goal to purify the Anglican Church (the Church of England).
Some Puritans wanted to leave the Anglican Church and called themselves Separatists.
The Mayflower carried the Puritans to Virginia where they became known as Pilgrims.
The Pilgrims established the first Thanksgiving to credit God for blessing the harvest.

3.) The increasing prosperity of the New World colonies was primarily due to
mercantilism, resulting in a balance of trade.
the Staple Act.
the Navigation Act of 1696, which was legislated to make the mother country and the colonies rich.
the inherent wealth of the land.

4.) Which of the following is NOT one of the articles in the Bill of Rights?
freedom of religion
freedom of assembly
right to privacy
right to a fair and speedy trial

5.) Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding the Dred Scott case?
President Buchanan anticipated that the case would be decided in favor of abolishing slavery.
The court detemrined that because he was black, Scott was not a citizen and had no right to sue.
The Court’s ruling also effectively permitted slavery in all of the country’s territories.
Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger B. Taney was applauded by the abolitionists.

6.) The Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine was created by (the)
President Wilson.
Federal Trade Commission.
President Roosevelt.

7.) The First World War was said to be the
war to stop bullying by more powerful nations.
war to stop Germany from imperialistic advancement into other countries.
war to end wars.
war to establish the United States as a world power.

8.) Which New Deal program/agency refinanced mortgages of middle-income home owners so that they did not lose their homes during the Great Depression?
National Industrial Recovery
Home Owners Loan Corporation
Federal Emergency Relief Administration
Emergency Banking Act

9.) The United States entered World War II after what attack?
Pearl Harbor
Coral Sea

10.) Truman’s 21-point plan for reform was called the
Plain Fare
Fair Deal
Second Fair Deal
Second New Deal

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