US BANK collections seized all my unemployment from bank account!?

I am a financially struggling college student, as is my husband. We have been unemployed for several months due to this economy and fell horribly behind on all our credit cards, mortgage, second mortgage..etc. I know now to save for a rainy day, and not to get credit for something I can wait for a few months to save for it. After several yard sales, and visits to the pawn shop to sell our belongings to try and stay current on our bills, it became inevitable that we could no longer make it anymore. Last month we moved from our home(which is in foreclosure) into a small apartment, and now ride our bikes to and from school. We were able to get some student loans and we are receiving unemployment insurance for a little while..not a lot of money but it gets us by each month. Anyway, today I checked my bank account and a creditor that I owe for my second mortgage(usbank) seized all the money I had in my account w/o my authorization. It was about $ 2000 and out of that money $ 1300 was my unemployment and $ 700 was part of a student loan. We tried to get them to give it back, cause it is going to be all the money we have for the next couple months, but they said that since we are in default that they have every right to empty our account! Any suggestions on how to get that money back? I am really desperate!! I still have schoolbooks/supplies that I have to purchase, plus food, some gas, and shelter/electric/gas/trash/etc. Please help! OH and please don’t lecture me about being unwise with money…I am now an avid Dave Ramsey fan and hope to get past this horrible hiccup in my life and set myself up(with my husband) so that we learn from our mistakes and be better prepared for future events!
My checking account is through Usbank, & according to my mortgage contract they can seize ‘property or collateral’ in the event of default on the loan. But–isn’t there stipulations on what types of funds that creditors/debt collectors can seize? I thought government received money such as unemployment, student loans, & Veterans Benefits were exempt from seizure? I now have a new bank account through a separate bank, but I will only use it it cash my checks now. I am too scared to put the last of my money somewhere it can be stolen.
=( Oh, and no judgments or lawsuits have been filed against us yet, but according to the Usbank collections, they sent us the notice that they were authorized to collect on the debt(which we ‘somehow’ didn’t get), and then later in the conversation they said that ‘someone’ had called in & had authorized the transaction. I think Usbank is smelling super fishy at this point! Thank you for all your advice so far..I will be speaking to a lawyer tomorrow!!!!

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