Unsecured loan question to the experts?

Unsecured loan question to the experts.?
Hi there i have purchased a house back in 05 and currently i have applied for a loan modification on my 1st mortgage. First Loan for about $ 400,000
Second Lon is with $ 55,000 (Unsecured loan)
I have received a letter from my second mortgage company stating that i have applied for a loan modification with them and which i have never done. They sent me a few documents in the mail it was a deed of trust and wanted this to be signed in front of a notary and sent back to them in the mail. I took the letter and the documents to the person that’s dealing with the modification process with my first mortgage. He said that the second mortgage is trying to scam me (if i sign the papers then it becomes a secure loan) He told me that not signing this deed of trust is an advantage for me because if i were to sell the house later i would not have to pay off my second mortgage because it was unsecure loan? He just told me to make the minimum payments on the second loan… He said that we could get a way with paying 5-6 thousand dollars to the second mortgage(i sell the house later in the future). Is this true Can anyone clarify this to me? (is there a way of finding out if the loan is secured or unsecured?)

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