Unpaid Credit Cards & Loans…..?

I have run into a few health problems and am scheduled for my 2nd surgery soon….due to this I have lost my job of many years, and am unable to start a new one with this exisiting condition until I have it taken care of…could be at least 2 more months of recovery. I have several credit cards and 1 loan from a loan company that I have totally blown off for the last 3 months.I am waiting for the Sheriff to come knocking on my door to haul my off to jail!!!
I dont have the money and am on a very limited income at the time. I am also a single mom to 3 kids. I did file bankruptcy 10 years ago. I have not contacted these companies because I am ashamed-burying my head in the sand~so to speak.
Can anyone help me? Advice, recommendations….etc…..

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