Unemployed, and looking for the right job. Can you help?

I was an Operations Manager with a Mortgage Banker. I was in charge of hiring,firing,training and monitoring all Telemarketers, Loan Officers and Management. I was enroute to make 150k this year with a Base pay of 43k. I have been in the Mortgage Lending business in some way shape or form the past 5yrs. With a stint in Radio Sales and Accounts Recovery. I am great at sales and marketing and would be looking to stay in that field. I have a 4yr degree and I am looking to be engaged soon but want to find the right path and career that I can rely on and make good money. I am looking fot 56k+ to start and commission if possible. Can someone please help me with ideas? Or if someone is hiring? I am willing to relocate. I am in NJ. Thanks!!! Help!!!

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