Trying to find a house to buy but problem is I don’t have credit card?

I do not have credit card so is my husband but we are trying to get credit card some of bank we did application that didn’t aprroved us because we have no credit and our parent had bad credit card so there really no one else who can co signer for us. We are trying to get a house because we don’t want to live with my mom anymore we want to have own place, since we have two kids together. I did went on craigslist and found few but most of them are scam! So I do not want to find on craigslist anymore. Do you have any idea what can we do since we have no credit card? or how can we open credit? we also do not want apartment or rent house…. Is there any website house that are cheaper in P.A or that don’t need credit card? Please help! Thank you!

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