TRYING to buy a house and running into issues. opinions please.?

my boyfriend and i are trying to buy a house. we found the house within one day went and seen it that morning and started the process right away. However it did not go well. we ran into all kinds of issues. First we got all the info filled out but then they wanted his salary key and tax info. but the two didnt match up so then we had to wait three weeks for his lazy job to do their job. after this we were told okay were moving ahead. we got the inspection done and the seller was going to fix almost all the issues. (major ones) then we get a call while waiting for an answer asking me to write out a letter saying were not married and i live here and our daughter is his. so i have to do that. i get it done and were told were moving ahead. But… we get another call that rural could run out of money here soon they are close but all legislation has to do is sign a thing for more money so don’t worry. So then our mortgage guy says he gets to choose our appraisal guy. were told get the check in before friday and the guy is doing it friday. i get the check in and find out he does not even do it till the next tuesday. So everything is done and the stuff goes to underwriting so were told. were also told to look into insurance. the next week we look into insurance and the same day we get a call saying they ran out of money awhile back but they have not signed the thing giving them more money so we have to wait. (YET AGAIN) and we have to order a second appraisal. this was last week. He tells us they said it will be friday or monday that they sign. but they didnt sign so now again were waiting. we are FURIOUS. it does not help were always told something and it never happens but we found this house the very end of feb. we have to close by june 7 to get our tax credit. just wanted opinions. did it ever take you this long? did you run into these issues? would you be upset? how long does it take to close on a house?
not worried about owning a house with my boyfriend. we have already discussed all that.
yes we were told we had to let our mortgage broker pay for the first one. 500.00 . this second one is 300. he said yeah we have to get a second appraisal but i know another good guy. a good guy? the first one apparently sucked! free money that’s what he got. and why couldnt we get the 300 one to begin with?

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