Transplanting from NY to NC.Self employed,sold my house,how do i get a mortgage now?

I recently sold our home in New York state,we are closing December 10th.
We have been living in this home for 5 years
This past May, i left my career of 8 years in I.T./Marketing,to start my own business.
My wife and i will be moving to North Carolina soon,to rent for a short period of time.
Being naive, we thought we could simply sell our current home,move down to Carolina,rent for a month or two,then get a mortgage and buy a house.

My wife will also be leaving her career of 12 years,and starting at a different company.

i just spoke with a real estate broker,and he mentioned that he thinks i will need to have 2+ years of a job under my belt (not self employment) before anyone will consider us for a mortgage)

The bottom line is,Both my wife and myself will be getting different jobs,or i may continue my self employment of 6 months,down in NC.

Is it true,like black and white,that when we transplant,that we wont be able to attain a mortgage without 2-3 years of North Carolina work history?

Or are there other ways to deal with this??
Btw we would be getting jobs as soon as we move there or before
what about if we apply for mortgage using my wifes career,that she still has,and she states that she is going to stay in NY for a while?

she only makes like 30k year and has mediocre credit…

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