To conclude on a mortgage, it is everywhere the lender and real estate agents to cut costs to save money for buyers?

I’m trying to buy a house and the lender has set for me to ask around $ 3800, was from the beginning when we said that we could obtain 100% financing. I saved some money and I have to go against that, but I also had to leave the pocket and other species for evaluation by a contact on the house, termite inspection, etc. So far I’ve invested a lot here. My question is whether there is somewhere in bank charges and brokerage, costs can be reduced so that they can help us. I mean, if we lose this loan, it will be like $ 1500 and I hate that I do all the time and money invested to date, and that’s all that keeps me from being able to purchase. I got a good price and everything looks good on the loan, it’s just the cost that come with pocket drive? Help anyone!

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