Title Search – What is the Process? (especially in NC)?

Ok, the first question I asked was a little ambiguous. I know I can get a title search done, that is NOT the question. The question is HOW, or even better, what are the STEPS involved in the process.

I know we start at the courthouse real estate division and I even know where it is, but what I’d like to know is what are the locations of ALL LIENS (including IRS liens and mechanics liens) on a property. Is there a central repository? We took a class of our Prudential agents there when I was a new agent, but it went by so quickly, I think I missed parts.

I frequently represent buyers in MLS and FSBO-listed properties, but I’ve also represented some on the courthouse steps and I want to be armed with the liens before we bid.

Bill Martin, Realtor/Broker/MBA
Accredited Buyer’s Representative
Prudential Carolinas Realty
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