Title Insurance / Owner’s Policy?


I am in the process of re-financing my mortgage on the property that I have bought two years ago. I have received the below email from the re-financing company. I see in HUD statement that we have Title Insurance at the time of closing. Also, title search has been done. Is the title insurance different from Owner’s policy? How bad is this?

FYI, I have had a lawyer, RE agent when I bought this property.

Also, please let me know what kind of insurance should I be taking going forward? Thanks for all your help.

We are trying to clear the first mortgage from title but the property was owned by PREVIOUSOWNER. Can you please find out if CURRENT OWNER(myself) purchased an owner’s policy at the time they purchased the property from PREVIOUS OWNER. If they did purchase the policy we will need a copy of it.
So the title insurance and owner policy are two different things. I see only title insurance in the HUD statement when I purchased the house. I dont see owner’s policy. Am I doomed?

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