Tila cancellation – what impact would this have in lieu of the cancellation of the service provider to publish an example?

We will withdraw our mortgage (written by the lender or contractor, service provider, third parties publicly noticed) on the basis of the Truth in Lending Act (requires time w / 3-a extrapolation.) For non-disclosure NTC and full security, fraudulent inducement, misrepresentation, concealment force. The lender is repaid in full on an unknown third party, states have no power to cancel. The Service is necessary to return the offer and act in place of claims and have no power to cancel. The lender, the servicer has repeatedly refused to disclose the identity of the third owner of the loan with which we have to negotiate (repeated violations of TILA lender, repetition RESPA (son quantum) violations by the service provider, which now trying to close, even if not permanent). Repairman is it dragging over 2 years now, we do not have the resources to get even more. If we do a good deed rather than the management authority (which has moved f / c 8 MOS without standing after our notice of cancellation), whether or not we will lose all contact TILA / RESPA? Our damages (actual and necessary) exceeded loan summat.OldJimmy – Thanks for the reply – Lawyers want $ 10,000 in advance and $ 1400/mo to represent me – I am not entitled to counsel low income! I am pro is now 2 years on Second 09cv02115 PACER.

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