This question is for Mortgage Lenders..?

My husband makes six figures. We are trying to get a loan for our home we live in through VA loan. Our home we rent out is being foreclosed on so its a short sale. We are trying to buy the home we are in. We got a home loan through a company, approved and everything, but they went out of business! We made an offer on the house and we are awaiting the approval from the bank on our offer. Now we have no lender! I am trying to find a lender that will not require me to be on the loan, I am his wife, but I am a student, and I have poor credit from a previous marriage. My credit score is 500 something his is 600 something. Im not sure why this is a problem with other lenders now since a few months ago we were already approved without me on it. My question is.. Can we find a loan that does not require me to be on the loan and for them not to check my credit? I am not going to be on the loan agreement. Also please send me any of your business sites.
I wasnt specific I appoligize. I live in Southern California. We are tenants, our landlord is foreclosing, we have to move out in June. We have been dealing with this in February. We were waiting for the purchase agreement. Still waiting its a short sale. But our lender who approved us just ran out of business.

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