Rant about post charge off – and the never ending circus of debt buyers

You know, we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t in credit rehab land. I seriously started my journey may of 2014 (490-515 scores) with a fresh start advantage from Fingerhut.
Credit one gave me a $ 300 limit 5/2015. Last Feb when some negative credit markings dropped off, I managed to obtain a Discover Secured card (all limits) $ 200 , Cap1qs mc $ 300 now at $ 1300 , and a cap1 WE buypower card at $ 300 now $ 500. These are my top 3 possessions. I have a surge mc $ 500/$ 125 which will be paid off next month. A milestone credit card at $ 300 and a Cred1 with $ 600 limit. Kingsize upped me to $ 500 from $ 250 yesterday ( that took 18 mos !!) and FH has been gracious starting $ 200 in May 2014 currently at $ 1700. So i have followed the rules here to a certain extent. My overall utilzation is 64% it’s atrocious when it stands alone with certain cards.
While my utilization leaves a bit to be desired:

My beef is with collection agencies who report every month and then they stop reporting; they sell debt and bam! a new ‘collection’ item is listed on my CBR’s. It is seriously suppressing my score. i feel like sissyphus… everytime i approach 600 i fall backward to 575 – 590 and its the same stupid comments that appear in the credit rehab FICO scores: seriously delinquent or new collection filed. 598-590-592 was my highest trifecta until 3 companies cam out of nowhere in last 2 weeks and posted ‘ 3 new collections accounts’


I am tired of this. i’d pay every one of my debts off if they would give me a 50 point score increase. But we are told not to becuase it causes the clock to reset. It just feels like i am going to be on a seesaw until the majority of these items start falling off 2018-2021 .
Prior to 2014 , I have a ton of bad debt. I am conflicted because if i pay these clowns the only piece of mind i get is not owing any creditor. But what do i get out of it ?


I am sure that I’ll hear .. back the bus up chimp and see where you have come from! getting to big for your britches.


Does anyone underwrite anymore or do they just pump out denials without looking at the credit bureau report?
Am I being to greedy? Unappreciatve? Too impatient?

Let me have it.

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