Think about it , as consumers how long are we going to let insurance companies(All) screw us anyway they want?

Even though I pay almost 600.00 a month in the state of Georgia for automobile insurance ( full coverage), I found out if I was in an accident and even though it was not my fault ,a insurance company can charge me with 25% of the accident even though the other driver was ticked for failure to yield, And they are within the law? In this case they are stealing 12,000.00 in damages by just saying Our adjuster see’s it this way contrary to police and eye witnesses statements and oh yea we total led your car.How many of you can relate to begging these insurance companies to charge you a outrageous premium so they can refuse to pay when needed. As consumers we let it go, maybe to proud to admit when ripped off, or maybe boy we’re lucky they didn’t cancel? Another example In Georgia building contractors why even bother getting licensed? I found if Someone was to build a home for example , It happened to me, I paid out 90% of total cost, he completed 50% of the work,and just stole the rest, left a complete mess, but Georgia license’s board can do nothing he put my name as the builder , Even though the home is as now unlivable, BBB will only go after a Business if it’s a member. if you’re unlicensed not a member they can continue without as much as a warning. Lawyers tell me you can sue him but you’ll get a judgment in your favor but no money,,. This is two examples of fraud against a consumers, I’m not perfect by any means but this I will do if you give me a 50.00 bill to buy something for you, if it costs 49.99 I’ll give you the penny back, if it costs 59.99 I’ll pay the difference and say nothing. Honesty, ethical Business behavior is becoming rare in America, as long as it’s legal who cares if we screwed that guy out of his last hope. The two examples I gave, in today’s world people when hearing this story are steadfast those SOB’S should be in jail, but these people I believe are regarded as “good businessman” and in my case honesty will lose every time to the businessman. Contact me or help start a petition against this type unethical slight of hand BS.

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